Totum Little Creators is especially designed for children between 3 and 6 years old and allows them to learn the basics of crafting in a fun way. The range consists of 4 products: Learn to cut, Learn to fold, Learn to sew and Learn to paste. The free Totum 4D App, linked to the products, makes the craft project of your little one come to live!


Make your craft project come alive with the free Totum 4D App. The App is suitable for tablet and smartphone and free to download in the App Store and Playstore!

Position your craft project on the sheet, scan with the Totum 4D App and watch your craft project comes alive! Haven’t you bought a Totum Little Creators product yet, but still want to try the 4D App? Please download one of the free colorful sheets below.





What kind of device do I need for the Totum 4D app?

To use the Totum 4D app you need a smartphone or tablet with a camera on the back to scan the Little Creators sheets.

To use the Totum 4D app, you need to have version 4.0 or later installed on your smartphone or tablet.

To use the Totum 4D app, you need to have iOS 7.0 or later installed on your smartphone or tablet.

For which version is the Totum 4D app optimized?

The Totum 4D app is optimized for Android 4.4 or iOS 8.

Where can I use the Totum 4D app for?

You can use the Totum 4D app to make the products of Little Creators come alive. You scan the crafting work on the sheet and it will come alive. Push your camera button and you can even make a photo!

My craft project doesn’t come to life, what to do?

Make sure the whole sheet with the craft project appears on the camera screen. Always move slowly backwards. When the craft project or sheet disappears from the camera, you need to rescan it.

If your craft project still doesn’t come to life, please send us an e-mail: Please let us know very precise why you think it doesn’t work. Also tell us what device you are using. We will contact you.

Can I see how the Totum 4D app is working?

On YouTube you can see how the Totum 4D app is working. Go to and watch the instruction video!